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We are your Fan-Sourced scoring application!

Who am I?

I am just a dad who has a kid that loves the game of tennis and enjoys playing in tournaments and in high school. More importantly, I am his biggest fan!

Why Tennis Tracker?

As our kid's fans we are completely focused on the game our child is playing in, but we are also concerned with the games being played by their team or our opponents. The only way we could keep updated would be to walk by every court and hope that the players are keeping scores accurately on the score keepers, and even then, did they do Home and Visitor properly... it all becomes frustrating.

However, when you look around, every court has the player's biggest fans, watching and cheering, and most importantly wanting to know the same thing, scores on the other courts. By allowing these fans to collect the scores and putting them on a virtual scoreboard, we were all able to keep up without the anxiety.

I also saw that many of my friends had multiple kids or grandkids playing at the same time, and there is no way they could be in two places at once. Tennis Tracker allows them to keep up with everyone they care about, and still focus on being fans!

-- Tash (

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